Mural Peony Powder

Top quality wallpaper and wall murals.
Proudly made in Canada.

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  • custom wallpaper Canada

    Min: 48

  • custom wall mural Canada

The Best Peel & Stick Wallpapers in Canada*

So you’re thinking of bringing a new energy to your space? 
Well you’ve found the right place!
(rhyming is corny – we know – but we couldn’t resist giving it a go )

Ok, down to business – 9 reasons to pick us:

  1. All our wallpapers are custom printed to order so they can arrive at you, literally hot off the press.
  2. All our peel & stick wallpapers and wall murals come in 2 different texture options (smooth matte, and canvas textured).
  3. Our removable peel & stick wallpapers are proudly made in Vancouver, Canada.
  4. All of our peel and stick wall murals are top quality (will last for many, many years).
  5. Everything we offer is self-adhesive wallpaper (no messy glue required).
  6. It’s easy to apply (if you didn’t get it straight the first time, or second, or third- you get the picture), just pull it off and try again.
  7. Our peel and stick wallpaper is removable, making it ideal for rental spaces (or you can change it every season).
  8. You can custom order your peel and stick mural to your size (just stick your measurements in).
  9. Our wallpapers are all fire rated and our inks don’t contain any harmful chemicals.
    No brainer right? But! If you still have questions feel free to reach out. We’re here to help!

*According to a scientific study of all our friends and family.
**Please note: for repeating wallpapers the pattern depicted will have a width of 24 inches.
*** Gold and silver effects are created with variations in flat colors, unfortunately we aren’t able to print in metallic or shiny inks.